Welcome to the website of Best Gift

About us: We are all ambassadors of Christ, ministering to a broken world.

What do we we believe: We have a responsibility to tell to the world about the Best Gift for He Jesus is the only best thing we have to offer in this world. We strive to reveal Jesus every opportunity we can. (We are not talking of any religions/denominations we are talking of how to restore a broken relationship with God through Jesus).

The website  Best Gift  is not associated with the group that uses the name Kingdom Hall who do not believe Jesus is God.  We may use the word Kingdom in the phrase Kingdom of God like the Bible uses. Please do not link this website to that group.

We believe Jesus is God and the son of God the Father.  Jesus is equal to God the Father as the Bible clearly states.

Although Jesus was in the form of God and equal with God, Jesus did not take advantage of this equality.  Instead, Jesus emptied Himself by taking the form of a servant, by becoming like other humans, by having a human appearance. Jesus humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, death on the cross. Philippians 2:6-8    

To whom and what the site would like to achieve: Our passion is the very heartbeat of Jesus, His passion for us is incalculable. To receive that Best Gift-- our forgiven past, our redeemed today and glorious future it is the unchanging truth and is a real treasure for eternity.

The website www.Best--Gift.ca was created to tell people how one could receive such if they are a candidate to receive their Best Gift. It is not everyone that are able to receive the Best Gift. To be selected to receive the Best Gift is a great privilege and you can read the page Best Gift and find out if you might be a candidate.

What to expect: We believe that every menu they will navigate having learned more about God's Best-Gift it is our chance to say “Yes” to Jesus the amazing gift of eternal life that we receive through believing in Him.

The website www.Best--Gift.ca has seven (7) option/menus to choose.

1 Home: This page you are presently reading that explains briefly our believes and our mission for Jesus.

2 Best Gift: Is the main page of the Best Gift website. The page explains how one can obtain the best gift one can possibly obtain in their life if they have been chosen to receive it. A must read page.

The page Best Gift will be the best 15 minutes read in your life if you have been chosen to get the Best Gift. Do not neglect or postpone to read the page Best Gift located on Best Gift

Best Gift  - in English by Rosse Sarcol                     - Best Gift  

Best Gift  - in English summary by BrightEyes         - Summary Best Gift

Best Gift  - in Tagalog (anyone want to translate for fellow Filipinos and for                     the Kingdom of God)

3 Blessing 4U: Is a page that has links that is a blessing, encouraging, stimulating and uplifting. A must view to be blessed and to use to bless others with. One of the links to a three minute wow video produced by one of the star on a series called Touch by an Angel. The link can bless anyone feeling low. If you know of anyone who is feeling low share the link and it will bless them as if you gave them a $20 card.  It is truly an amazing video to bless people with.

Other amazing links about God's Creation produced by REAL Scientist on God's Creation and telling the TRUTH about real science or anyone wanting to be awed.

A few amazing songs to be blessed.

See an amazing page for Kids to assist mom in teaching kids God's values. 

4 Wisdom: This page has links to some of the great messages from servants of God to bless and minister to people. It also has links to some pages to read and gain wisdom and truth. 

5 By Topic: This page is to provide information on specific topic like Spiritual Gifts.

This site is all about claiming your Best Gift = Pass to Heaven = Everlasting Life = All Sins Forgiven + Jesus living in Us = Restored Relationship with God and therefore we should try to keep our body as healthy as possible.  It is very difficult in todays age to get the TRUTH. We have included a Health page to get you started in your search for answers to staying healthy.

6 Sharing: This will be a dedicated page to share some Picture Verses and Wisdom that encourages.

7 Testimony: This page is dedicated to share a testimony and give glory to God. Christians sharing their God given ability and gifts to bless, to encourage one another.  Displaying God's LOVE towards other humans.

A link to a few people telling people to go visist the website  Best Gift by searching Best--Gift.ca    

For those who are using Philippine search engine go find Google Canada  https://www.google.ca/  and save as your main search engine.  It is known to be the BEST Search Engine in the world.

When your on Canada's Google search engine you only need to type  Best Gift.ca   to find the website http://www.best--gift.ca/

We have also begun to lists a few Churches in the Philippines for visitors from various areas.

This page was last updated: April 30, 2015