Best Gift!

What is the Best Gift?

What would you think is the Best Gift anyone could receive?

Would you say the Best Gift to be given  $10,000,000.00

Would the Best Gift to marry the perfect mate?

Is the Best Gift to have Perfect children?

Perfect health until death?

Perfect job?

Perfect business?

Best boss?

Perfect friends?

What would say is the Perfect Gift? Best Gift?

Any idea, live 100 years, live 120 years maybe 200 years with a healthy body?

Let me ask you this question, if you had two choices as per the following two which one would you select choice # 1 or choice #2.

Choice # 1 you would be given $200,000,000.00 dollars to be deposit in your bank account and live 100 years in good health then die and go to hell  or

Choice # 2 you would not be given $200 million dollars but you would live to be 100 years also healthy then die and go to Heaven.

Would you choose #1 or # 2?  Why?  Would you say a guarantee to heaven is worth more than $200 million dollars?

Best Gift = Pass to Heaven  = All my sins forgiven + Jesus living in me (Julie)

Almost everyone believes they are going to Heaven and most base it upon being Good. Is that where you have your faith in getting into Heaven?

If you and I could earn our way to Heaven then that would mean Jesus did not have to die on the cross right? Makes sense. Is your thinking cap been awaken with the simple reality check? 

Prologue: Rosse Sarcol
Never came to mind that I will come to this point in life sharing the Best Gift I ever received.  Oh my! What if I have not discovered it? What if I have not found it? What if I refuse to listen? What if I say I don’t have time for it? And die early of my age…wow…for sure I am now floating in the lake of fire!!!! Many say that we can just bring snow to cool us up in Hell, would it work? Wotcha yah think???

Do YOU believe that there is Heaven and there is Hell?
Let me guess your answer…YES! Really? My heart is bubbling with joy that YES you do believe it.

Now, let me ask you this…WHERE WILL YOU GO WHEN YOU DIE?

Would it be in Heaven ‘or’ in Hell? Others will answer, “Can I choose ‘OR’, instead of Heaven and Hell?” Hahaha…Friends ‘OR’ is not a choice!

Victory of Sharing the Best Gift!

A privilege was given to me to speak in a small Church in Zamboanga City, known as the City of Rebels and MNLF. It was so amazing that God paved the way that I can be an encourager to everyone.
After I received the invitation, I prayed for what will be God’s message to be delivered that will meet peoples spiritual needs.  I wanted something that will become worthwhile for all times.

A week before, I have prayed for a specific theme to be shared on the day I was to share a message with friends. ...I got it, it was fixed, made the message outline and I am as well blessed with that topic. My heart was pounding, so excited to share.

The day before comes, my last review for my message and intimately praying that God will pour out His anointing on me and move in the midst of the congregation. That very night, the night before my message …God revealed to me to change my message. Wow! I can’t believe it, I told God, “Hey…hey…hey…No, Lord! Don’t give me this feeling of fear and uncertainties. I don’t want to share this message being revealed just a night before my Big Day.” God is leading me to use PASS TO HEAVEN.  The Holy Spirit was telling me it is a ready made Gospel Message, done ahead for you! Huh? Really, it was done ahead for me? Wow…God’s planning scheme impressed me a lot.

God’s will always prevail. With confidence and faith in God I stood before His children for the Gospel message. I didn't realized early before the message there was a wedding being done in the church. After the wedding everybody in the entourage and all the visitors stayed to attend the morning fellowship. The small church was filled with people. Oh my oh my oh my…I feel so ecstatic seeing visitors during my entire message.  I can’t believe it, God planned all the way for the NINE SOULS to be SAVED. Yes, there were NINE PEOPLE raised their hands and say YES, I want to have my PASS IN HEAVEN. I saw how God uncovered their mind to understand How to get their Pass to Heaven. They were led to the cross and to the truth of what God says how one receives God's Best Gift = Pass to Heaven = All my sins forgiven + Jesus living in me. Angels REJOICED in Heaven for every soul that were brought into the Kingdom of God.  God gave great victory!

Discovering the TRUTH!
Let me tell you this reading will be the best 10 minute investment of your life. If God has chosen you, you will have the truth revealed to you by the power of God.

Why there are so many nice people not going to Heaven? Why they end up in Hell? Spending almost a life time of helping others, doing charity works, building orphanage, etc. yet, they end up in Hell. My big Q is WHY?

Basically, it is because we believe that good works will bring us to Heaven. By doing what is good and acceptable to the society is not enough passport to enter the Kingdom Of Heaven…merely the reason why people go to hell…and these are called LIES OF THE DEVIL. Those lies keep us from asking God how to get into Heaven His way.

I was in the same situation that you’re in today many years ago. Now I have my Pass to Heaven. If death will call my LIFE to end any moment from now I am 100% certain that I will be going to HEAVEN.

I want to tell you what God says how to get your Pass to Heaven and for you to be able to have 100% sure you are going to Heaven when you leave this earth.

Does this make your heart keyed up on this page? Relax my Friend…we will enter slowly but surely on Discovering the TRUTH!

Before you read please take a few seconds and ask God to remove the veil of lies that blocks your vision, and ask God to help you see the Truth that comes from His words.

Before going deeper on this journey of discovering your PASS TO HEAVEN, let me share with you WHY I AM DOING THIS. Please watch this video:

A Letter From Hell!

What is a Pass to Heaven?

We all understand the purpose of a PASS, to allow us passage into a place or location. One must present a Pass to enter a place, plane, train, bus concerts, theatre, etc.

I use Pass to Heaven as a visual aid and it makes it easy to understand the importance of having or obtaining a Pass.
Pass to Heaven is a DECISION to believe God's truth and receive God's Best Gift of Eternal Life (Pass to Heaven)..

How do we get a Pass to Heaven?

Most of us believed that getting into heaven is by being good. Is that not your answer?

Well tell me if by being good I could earn my way to Heaven, that would mean Jesus did not have to go to the cross for us, right, are you seeing the logic?

Did you know that one sin in our whole life will hinder us to enter into the presence of God? Yes, this is TRUE…we are going to hell because of one single sin in our whole life because our God is such a HOLY GOD. The devil is really good at what he is been doing -LYING AND DECEIVING PEOPLE!

Now the DECISION MAKING STARTS HERE! In this reading if you decide to believe God over the lies of the devil will make you 100% sure of going to Heaven. The devil's lies are deep into our brain and that is why I asked you to pray for help from God that you would see and understand God's truth.

Let me ask you "Have you ever seen yourself going to hell?"  You would probably say NO because in our everyday life we try to please others, yet we fail to please our Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ. Now, if you are attending a church that teaches the truth about God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, Heaven, Hell and the Devil…this message is an enhancing wisdom for you and will guide you to dig deeper How to get your Pass to Heaven!

Why can’t we see ourselves spending life in Hell after death?
Because of the Three major Lies of the Devil:

Lie # 1:   Hell does not exist.
Do you believe in this lie that hell does not exist? Let me share this warning in Luke 12:5 says “But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after the killing of the body , has power to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you fear him. See!!! What a lie!!!

Truth:    Hell does exist - Jesus talked about Hell. God had Hell written in His book the Bible. God the Son, Jesus Christ came on the earth to die on the cross shed His blood to save us from a terrible consequence of hell.

Lie # 2:  You’re going to Heaven; you’re a good person.
Think of all the good you do for mankind. Do you think through them you can enter Heaven? No Friends, this is one of Satan’s lie. We cannot declare our own self-righteousness because in Romans 3:23 says “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” and in Ephesians 2:9 says “not by works, so that no one can boast.”

Truth: We cannot save our self by doing what is good. We cannot work our own salvation by simply doing what is good. How are we going to enter Heaven, by Law or by Grace??? Under the law one must be perfect, without any sin. Can we do that? Can we call ourselves BLAMELESS? All of us have sinned (ROMANS 3:23).Therefore, no one is worthy to enter in the Kingdom of our Father. Yes, it is by grace of God that we can have our Pass to Heaven…Ephesians 2:8 says “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God”.

Lie # 3:   Surely God would not send anyone to hell.
If God will not condemn anyone, if He will not judge and send anyone to Hell then God the Father made a big boo-boo (error), for sending His only Son to the cross.  Think again, if God does not condemn or judge and does not send anyone to hell, then His son Jesus Christ died a cruel death for nothing. The Bible clearly says in John 3:18 “Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believe in the name of God’s one and only Son.”

Truth: Anyone who does not have their Pass to Heaven cannot get in Heaven.
Jesus prayed to the Father the night before His crucifixion and asked "is there any other way"?  What Jesus was asking, is there any other way that you and I could be forgiven. Only the blood can wash away our sins.  God the Father can only forgive sins if blood is shed and the blood has to be from a perfect lamb.  That perfect lamb was Jesus. No cross means no forgiveness of sins and no Heaven…in Romans 6:23 says “For the wages of sin is death, but the GIFT of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

God has a way for you to get into Heaven?  Only one way! Do you know the one way?
Jesus said in John 14:6  " I am the TRUTH, the WAY and the LIFE, no man comes to the father except through Me"

Are you ready for your first challenge?  Here goes. Here is a truth that most people do not know in Revelation 21:8!

"Murderers, adulterers, whore mongers, idolaters, sorcerers,  .........  and all liars will have their place in the lake of fire"

God puts big sins and very small sins in the same category.  God says that all murderers and all liars will have their place in the lake of fire.
For most of us we did not know that one lie sends us to hell.  Why?  God is such a Holy God that even a small lie of a liar is not allowed into Heaven. If you have committed even just one small lie then you cannot enter into Heaven unless you have your Pass to Heaven.

This is your time to decide…Where will you go if you die today?
Yes Friends, we will go to Hell! This is what God says.

If God has opened your eyes to His TRUTH and you will also say “Hell”, Wow…here we are!  I would now be able to tell you the Good News because you now believe God's truth over the lie of the devil. Are you ready to cry out to God and ask Him how you can avoid going to hell?   Well here is the good news!

Good news  -  "The wages of sin is death but the GIFT of God is Eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord".

Yes, the greatest gift you and I can ever get! I have mine already…how about you? God wants to give you the Gift of Eternal Life.  Remember if you have to pay for a gift it is not a gift.  If you have to earn it, it is not a gift. If there is obligation to it, it is not a gift. A gift has no obligations attached to it. 

You have never asked God how to get into Heaven because you have never seen yourself going to hell before. God the father will say, "Stop believing the lie of the devil, stop putting your faith on yourself and your good deeds in order to get into Heaven.  You cannot get into Heaven by being good; if that was the way into heaven I would not have had to send my Son to die for you.

To get your Pass to Heaven put your faith on my Son Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross for you.  My Son shed His blood to pay for your sins. Put your faith that the blood of Jesus can wash all your sins away.
When you put your faith on what Jesus Christ who died for you on the cross ( shed His blood to pay for your sins, died and rose on the third day)  and claim God's gift of Eternal Life, then God promises to GIVE YOU ETERNAL LIFE ( Pass to Heaven).

Your Pass to Heaven is waiting for you at the cross, but you must go to the cross and put your faith on Jesus Christ only to get your Pass to Heaven.  There is no other way according to God. 

Realize the following:
1.  Believe in God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit
2.  Believe there is a Heaven.
3.  Believe you have sinned against God.
4.  Believe there is a penalty for sin - Hell.
5.  Believe that there is a Hell.
6.  Believe Man needs someone to pay for his sins because he can't
7.  Believe that Jesus is the perfect lamb that can pay for our sins
8.  Believe that Jesus is the perfect lamb and is also God
9.  Believe God Jesus became man, born of a virgin and created by the Holy Spirit.
10.  Believe that Jesus was crucified on the cross because of HIS love for us and HE willingly shed his blood in order to pay for our sins and rose again on the third day.
11. Jesus said " I am the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE no man comes to the father except through ME."
12. Believe and accept that Jesus has paid for your sins on the cross and put your faith on HIS completed work on the cross and HIS words when HE says I will give you Eternal Life (Pass to Heaven).

If you believe in all of the above and you understand that only your Faith on Jesus finished work and God's promise can you obtain your Pass to Heaven. 

Are you ready to ask God how to receive the Best Gift (Pass to Heaven = All my sins forgiven + Jesus living in Me)?  When you ask God how do I get the Best Gift?  God will answer you like this!

Stop believing the lie of the devil you cannot go to Heaven by being good if that was the way I would not have to send my Son to the cross,
Stop believing the lie of the devil you cannot go to heaven by trying to obey all the commandments, if that was the way I would not have to send my son to the cross,
Stop believing the lie of the devil that by asking forgiveness does not get you your Pass to Heaven, if that was the way I would not have to send my Son on the cross,
Stop believing the lies of the devil you cannot go to Heaven by being baptized,  if that was the way I would not have to send my Son on the cross
The only thing that forgives sins and has God's approval is the promise of God and the finished works of Jesus when we put our Faith on God's Truth. FAITH on Jesus only, and the power of Jesus blood that can wipe sins away. Faith on Jesus only for getting Best Gift. When your Faith of going to Heaven is changed from the lie of the devil and accept God's way, God's Truth and when your Faith is set on Jesus only and not a lie of the devil then and only then will God give you your Best Gift, it is a promise made to you by God's grace when you put your Faith on Jesus.  

God does not force anyone to the Cross.  It is a CHOICE that you alone can make when the Holy Spirit knocks at your door.  The choice is simple - Yes to God's gift or No to God's gift. If God is knocking at your door and calling you and showing you the truth, do not postpone the call.

If you want to put your FAITH on Jesus Christ as your Savior here is a sample declaration or prayer. Please note it is not the prayer or repeating the message that saves you from the punishment of your sins and obtaining Eternal Life (Pass to Heaven),  it is your Faith on Jesus who paid for your sins to become your Savior.  Here is a sample prayer or talk to God for putting your Faith on Jesus and receiving God's Best Gift:

Dear God,  I have come to realize that one sin sends me to hell. I now realize that my good deeds cannot erase or pay for my sins. I realize that I need to put my Faith and Trust on Jesus Christ the only one who has the power to erase all my sins and give me Eternal Life (Pass to Heaven).

I put my trust, my FAITH on Jesus, I want to claim your promise of Eternal Life ( Pass to Heaven) by putting my Faith solely on your Son Jesus for obtaining my Pass to Heaven.

Thank you for your Son Jesus Christ, who paid for my Pass to Heaven (Eternal Life ).

God help me with my journey with Jesus. Amen

God gives you three amazing title when you get your Pass to Heaven.
Are you ready?  Royal Priest, Holy, Saint   That is how God sees you after you truly put your Faith on Jesus Christ only for your Pass to Heaven.

If your FAITH was put solely on Jesus instead of your good deeds and you were sincere and not just repeating a sentence (saying the sentence does not save it is your FAITH on Jesus that saves you)  If your Faith was put on Jesus for being saved then GOD GIVES YOU A PROMISE:  God says the moment you put your Faith on Jesus alone then I will Give you  ETERNAL LIFE ( Best Gift =  Pass to Heaven = All your Sins forgiven + Jesus living in you.)


Co-author: Rosse SARCOL

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