List of Churches in the Philippines:

This page list some of the Churches in the Philippines.  Some of you may have recently been saved and you would like to attend a Church but do not know how to choose one.  We want to give you some ideas what to look for in a Church.   

God has a place for everyone and the place for you may not be the place for someone else. We suggest you avoid any group that do not recognize Jesus as God the Son.  These would be Jehovah Witness, Mormon, Muslim and one group that has the same belief as JW but go by another name. 

As a guide use Baptist Church as a middle of the road type of Church. 

You want to find a group of believers so you can encourage and bless one another and grow along your journey with Jesus.

This page is a work in progress.  

How to be saved?  There are various flavors but only one TRUTH.

God has only one way to be SAVED only one. 

You will hear of being saved by Grace alone through FAITH in Jesus as the way to get your Best Gift from God. Saved

Best Gift = Key to Heaven = All my sins forgiven + Jesus living in me

Most Churches will add to the Gospel message Repent of your Sins to be saved.

You need to do your research and I have included some speakers to help you in your study.  In the bible people listened to Paul and went home to verify what Paul said was according to scriptures. 

May God guide you in your selection.  God's  Truth is not measured by the number of Churches who believe in a certain way. 

Few Churches understand the TRUE meaning of the Gospel Message because man love to say he did a part of earning his way in heaven.  We cannot earn our way to heaven it is a GIFT from God because of HIS Mercy and Grace to us.

To save you time and energy if you are searching for a home church to call home this is what you can do.  Call the office and ask everyone that answers the phone if they could tell you or explain how one is saved.

If no one even the pastor cannot explain the message of how one can be saved in a simple manner then how can you grow when the basic is not known by those working at the Church?

If the answer is complicated then one does not understand the Gospel themselves.  It is a simple answer.

One is saved by FAITH in Jesus Christ alone.  One will put their FAITH in Jesus when one realizes that one sin one cannot get into heaven unless one claims their Key to Heaven.  Faith is the key word. Faith on the finished work and the power of the Blood of Jesus.

The wages of sin is death, but the GIFT of God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord. James 6:23    

Finding the Right Church - Charles Stanley

How to select a Church 7 points

Very Important Information about various Denominations - even list Denominations who approve of Killing babies - shocking

Please be aware we did our best to list Churches by two category. We did this by reading their statement of faith on Salvation.  Please let us know if we have placed any Churches are in the wrong category. We did this to help you in the type of Church you may be looking for. There are many churches not listed here. It was a difficult since only those with a website would get the exposure on Google search engine.

Manila Area:

Churches in Manila who believe one is saved by FAITH Alone:

Churches in Manila who believe one is saved with a mixture of Faith plus Repentance of Sin:

Cebu Area:

Churches in Cebu who believe one is saved by FAITH Alone:

Cubao Reformed Baptist Church

List of Churches and Fellowships which are member churches of the REBAP-Luzon Association taken from Cubao link

Grace Baptist Church Mandaue

Churches in Cebu who believe one is saved with a mixture of Faith plus Repentance of Sin:

Sovereigh Grace Bible Church of Cebu

Home Bible Baptist Church

World in need Baptist Church

This page was last updated: November 1, 2015