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This page is dedicated to link information on Spiritual Topics as well as Physical Health issues also by Specific Issues or Topics. 

Once you claim and obtain your Best Gift then you begin your journey with your King Jesus.

Please note before you received your Best Gift the enemy had you neglecting the most important task in your life,  obtaining your  Pass to Heaven.  

To better enjoy your journey you need to learn more about your King Jesus and what God's calling is for you. If you know this then you will improve your relationship with Jesus.

Getting into His word is like taking a shower. Fellowship with other Christians is like eating healthy food and using your Spiritual Gifts to bless others is like going to the gym.  All three together is how you stay fit and healthy and get stronger as a Christian.    

Amazing LOVE by the True and Living God.

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Spiritual Issues or Topics:

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Seek the TRUTH

Health Topics

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Health Professional:

Links to some of the BEST health professional around the world. Gain information and TRUTH not found in the main stream.  

Praise Songs

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Humor is known to be good medicine. 

If God created laughter then it is another gift from God because when we laugh it does give us a positive kind of Joy. 

Understanding People:

Ever wonder how some people are loved by everyone while others people avoid them. 

Want to understand your MATE or your BOSS or Co worker better? 


World Events:

Why should we be aware of World Events? Why should we be concerned how other Countries are doing? Why should we be concerned about World Leaders? Why should we be concerned about our Local Leaders? Why should we be aware of all the Lies that are told as the truth? How will that Affect Us? 

80% of general population do not think because very few use their common sense God has provided to us. 

Why switch our brain to ON? Because it will Affect our Health? our environment both  Physical & Spiritual.  It will affect us and our Family.  It will affect our Friends. It will affect our community. It will affect our Country.  It will affect the world. 

Be informed vote wisely because your vote will give you Peace or Chaos