Physical Health:

This page was created to provide you with some great links to help you stay healthy or find information on some health issues. 

There is a saying Health is Wealth.  

We have so much information out there and who are we to believe.  One must do a lot of research.  We hope that these links could get you started in your search. 

Exercise, Food and Sleep are basics to a healthy body. 

Click Picture below or click on the TITLE to view the links related to the topic.

This page was last updated: January 23, 2016
Cancer Information

Does the word CANCER  scare you?

Visit some links of Doctors who actually kill cancer. Yes they actually help patients win with natural food. 

Food & Vitamin Information

So much to learn but who is telling the TRUTH? 

View and make your own opinion from scientist and medical doctors.

High Blood Pressure Information

How ironic we the western world fight High Blood Pressure while you in the Philippines battle Low Blood Pressure. 

I will try to locate topics relating to Low Blood Pressure.  


I believe we all know our body require exercise to stay healthier.

View some insights from various exercise experts that can guide you and inspire you to be more active and be healthier.  

What exercises are the most effective for my body type?


Eyes to see.  Eyes to appreciate all that God has created. Eyes to show you care. Eyes to show you are hurting. Eyes to show God's Light through you.