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Once you claim and obtain your Best Gift then you begin your journey with your King Jesus.

Please note before you received your Best Gift the enemy had you neglecting the most important task in your life,  obtaining your  Pass to Heaven.  

To better enjoy your journey you need to learn more about your King Jesus and what God's calling is for you. If you know this then you will improve your relationship with Jesus.

Getting into His word is like taking a shower. Fellowship with other Christians is like eating healthy food and using your Spiritual Gifts to bless others is like going to the gym.  All three together is how you stay fit and healthy and get stronger as a Christian.    

Amazing LOVE by the True and Living God.

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Do you know what are your Spiritual Gifts?

Reading our Bible is like taking a shower but using your Spiritual Gifts is like going to the gym. It is very important to understand what your Spiritual Gifts are because that is where you will work at serving your LORD with Passion and Energy.

When you use your Spiritual Gifts to bless someone you should ask God to use your Spiritual Gifts to bless others in a Super Natural way for God.

Why do Bad Things Happen?

Many people wonder why do bad things happen to them or friends or to anyone go view the links before you blame God or provide excuses for the evil the devil is creating. 

What Day is the right Day to Worship?

This may come up and maybe for you it is important to understand the Right Day to Worship. 

What is Real Love?

Do you know? Do you want to know? Listen to links above and learn.  

Grace & Gift or Repent & Work

How is one Saved!

What does it mean? What is the real deal? 

Want to know then click on the Picture  to the left or click on the Title above

Bible Verses to Inspire & Educate

Click Picture on the left or Title above to go to a pages with various verses.

Woman Pastor:

What does God say on this matter?

Is it Biblical?

Do you want to know the TRUTH?

Do you even care for the TRUTH?


How important and how good is Fasting?