Links to World Events:

This page is dedicated to link information on world events and how it can affect you directly.  Our universe is ruled by two great forces - Love & Hate.  God is Love,  Satan is Hate.  Jesus brings life, satan brings oppression & destruction.

To better enjoy your journey in life you need to learn to distinguish who is representing Love & who represents Hate. Supporting people who are linked with Satan will not bring peace for you or your family.  Servant of hate will not be easy to detect most of the time because they are experts in lying and deception. 

Many links may seem negative to some and some links may even be a shock to learn about but ignorance is not a blessing.  Wisdom is to be sought after more than gold. 

I have pondered much if I should add these links because sometimes the TRUTH is not always uplifting when we learn of so much evil going on.  Avoiding news about evil does not make it go away but knowing how it gets into our lives may help to limit the amount coming into our lives. 

To be aware how evil people bring evil upon us and our children is a major reason to know and learn what steps one can take to protect our kids from weird predators. Not only for kids but predators of adults.

Who we elect as our leaders will affect the laws imposed upon us and our children. These links are to help you to be wise and more discerning about evil leaders.   

Amazing LOVE by the True and Living God.

This page was last updated: April 5, 2016
Spiritual Forces Good & Evil:


Satan - anti Christ

About Countries:

Canada & Prime Minister

Europe & Muslim

France & President

Germany & Chancelor





President & Russia

President & the U.S.A.

Potential Future President of USA





Other Topics:

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