Special Page for Kid's: - Songs & Stories

This page is to help parents find good songs,  stories for kids and action songs for exercise for kids as well.

Some actions may not have a bible story to it but it is meant as an exercise as well as to stimulate some christian individual with singning talent to put words to action that kids love to do. Use your gifts to bless the Lord and kids.

Please note these links are suggestions and should be evaluated by you the parents for your child.

This page should help you get started in searching for material that is appropriate for your children.

This page is to get you started.


I Can Do It by Patty Shukla (Children's Action Song) - 3 mins.

Twist - Right and Left, action song for children - Patty Shukla - 2min

Jesus Is My Superhero with Lyrics - 2 mins

Kid's Prayer - Dear God, Thank you for Loving Me - 2 mins

MY MOM.mov - 2 mins

Children's Song "God is so Good" (English) - 1 min.

God Rocks! Children of God - 1 John 3:1 - 2 mins

God Rocks! Five Sparrows - Luke 12:6, 7 - 2 mins


Read Your Bible Pray Every Day - 1 min

Shine Jesus Shine (worship video w/ lyrics) - 4 mins

Our God is an Awesome God! - 2mins

Our God is an Awesome God - original version - 2mins

Awesome God (He Reigns) - By Kirk Franklin - By Promise Treasures - teens - 5mins


The Greatest Adventure - Stories From The Bible - Samson - 22mins

Beginners Bible For Children Jesus Christ's Life Story  - 119mins

The Story Of Adam And Eve ( Christian Animated Cartoon Movie) - 24mins

Adam and Eve - 5mins

The First Seven Days of Creation - 8mins

God's Creation according to Genesis  - 4mins

God of Wonders: Scientists prove Almighty God's existence through Science - 84mins

The Bible's Buried Secrets The Garden of Eden - 58mins

Hillsong Kids - God You Make Me Smile - 3 mins

King of the Jungle - Great Worship Songs for Kids  - 2mins

Fruit of the Spirit  - 2mins

Beginners Bible For Kids The Nativity  - 26mins


Veggietales Jonah - 82mins

This page was last updated: April 17, 2015