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This page was last updated: April 15, 2015
Welcome: you are on BrightEyes page and may you be blessed by her gift of sharing a part of her wisdom given to her by her Lord Jesus.
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BrightEyes is a dedicated Filipina for the Kingdom of God even though she has a heavy schedule everyday.  She seems to have her priorities correctly set and is an example for many of us. 

Even though she recently claimed her Pass to Heaven she has the skills to handle the Gospel Message like a Black Belt Martial Arts warrior. I call her the Evangelist warrior because she handles the simplicity of the Gospel with such surgeon precision that she can be the envy of many seasoned Evangelist. 

BrightEyes wrote the Summary Best Gift message and she did a fantastic job for her LORD.  For those who like short summary version BrightEyes has accommodated that for you. 

Job well done for sure and for those chosen by God the Father may God open your eyes to see the TRUTH and claim your Best Gift.

Best Gift Summarized