Wild Bill for America-Messages

This page is dedicated to link of messages from Wild Bill for America. View links below to hear some stimulating and biblical truths by a warrior of God Wild Bill for America.

Wild Bill for America seems to be concerned with the great commission of Jesus, to go and make disciples. Wild Bill for America is also concerned what the liberal agenda is doing to Christian freedom and the destruction of a great nation with the liberal anti family values.

Wild Bill for America is trying to wake us up from a deep sleep and make us realize a real battle is going on against families and is being led by liberals.

A vote for liberals is a vote against family values.

The links to Wild Bill for America is a work in progress.

Wild Bill for America website link

Taking Christmas From Poor Kids

The New Black Robe Regiment
About Christian Warriors

Curing Liberals
Who is Aligning with God

"Screwing Up Hope and Change"

Big Bad John

"Storm Clouds of Persecution"

Atheists-The Walking Dead

Judas Syndrome

"Guard Your Kids" "Guard Your Kids"

America's Second Biggest Lie

"Liberal Christians and Bigfoot"

"The Knights of Old"

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